What is Binary Plan?

A Binary Plan is a Two Legged(Left leg, Right Leg) structure used in Multi Level Marketing where the each new distributors or members are placed in either left or right subtree. Where one subtree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg while the second subtree is a Profit Leg or a weak leg.

How does Binary MLM Plan work?

Binary compensation plan makes each member for recruiting and sponsoring two other members to join the plan, that can potentially lead to a fast expansion of the plan in a very less amount of time. In the front line of the binary plan, there will be two legs, Left and Right. However, if a recruiter hires more than two members, the new member will be added to the next available member in the power leg. This allows a new member to be shared between all downline's power leg, nevertheless of who recruited them, this process is known as spillover. But in the case of profit leg, there will be no spillover because profit leg will only grow with the individually sponsored downlines. One of the main variations of Binary Technique is that it is quantity inspired in contrast to level inspired. This also indicates there is an inspiration to help new affiliates in your organization.

Binary Compensation Plan Commissions:

In the Binary MLM Plan, there are two types of compensation that are used to increase the stability of the binary structure and to make the team active.

Introducer or Sponsor Bonus

Pairing Bonus

Introducer or Sponsor Bonus:

When you directly refer a new Member they can either be placed in the LEFT OR RIGHT POSITION under you. For every direct referral you make you will be compensated with the Sponsor/Referral bonus of 10%.

Our companies will have different packages to choose while register, So direct referral commission 10% will be calculated based on the package your downlines choose.

Commission amount will automatically be credited to your account upon completing the registration process of your downline.

Pairing Bonus

Pairing Bonuses are calculated from your binary tree, which has two legs: a left and a right. Members placed above you may also place people in your Binary Tree. First time binary pairing bonus released only on 1:2 or 2:1 structure, further 1:1 pair matching is enough. Your daily maximum Pairing Bonus $100. Our company business plan may allow you to earn Pair bonus based on the points. You will earn Points every time you accumulate members on the left and on the right groups of your binary structure. Points are accumulated from group entries. The Commissions are calculated by matching the points (points) earned under Right Leg & Left Leg. You would typically earn a commission on the Entire Volume of your weakest Leg points. The points matched above the daily points will be flushed out and un-matched power leg will be carry forward. Binary plan have limit of capping per day.


Power leg volume will be carried over for the next day

Advantages of Binary Plan


Getting a new member shared between all ancestors in the power leg allows mutually benefit and encourages everyone to attempt to recruit new members and make to extend the binary plan.

Unlimited Depth

You can build your network in any depth you want and every member in the upline is guaranteed to gain profit from successful sales.

Fast Expansion

Each member needs to recruit only two new members that potentially leads to fast expansion.

Volume Driven Plan

Binary plan ensures to pay more to the distributors who bring the orders.

Multiple Business Centers

Binary tree is a recursive data structure so that Binary Plan allows multiple business centers for the MLM to be created.